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ProjectCalc PlusNew!with Advanced Features! IDEAL FOR WOODWORKERS, HOBBYISTS, DESIGNERS AND DECORATORS, CABINET MAKERS, LANDSCAPERS. Use it at home or in the shop and get professional results every time .Save Time and Money on Your DIY Projects! This little yellow calculator will be one of the handiest tools you own. It'll help you measure and build correctly and even figure just the right amount of building materials you'll need for those home improvement projects--before you visit the local homecenter! You'll save time, cut errors, calculate quantities and costs, and even have some money left over for that next DIY project! The ProjectCalc Plus Feet, Inch, Fraction and Metric calculator will help you design, apply, install and finish your improvements with precisions and confidence. Its expanded functions provide professional results on your building and home improvement projects. Store user defined materials and sizes. New functions provide instant calculation for Decks, Fencing, Concrete, Mulch, Carpet and Custom Tile. Prevent estimating errors on material requirements saving time, money and frustration. Get exactly what you need for virtually any project. . ProjectCalc Plus is one of the most desirable additions to any tool collectionQuickly and accurately estimate material requirements for paint, wallpaper, floor tiles, studs, 4x8 sheets, board feet roofing materials blocks, bricks and gravel.Work in yards, feet, inches, fractions and Metric – including square and cubic formats. Convert between all standard dimensional formats. Instantly figure:Gallons of Paint Rolls of Wallpaper Number of Tiles Number of Bricks or Blocks Tons of Gravel Bundles of Roof Shingles Board Feet of Lumber Number of Drywall Sheets Square-Ups (e.g., for concrete pads) Areas and Volumes (e.g., cu. yards of concrete) Dimensional Math & Conversions, directly in feet, inches and fractions! And More! The ProjectCalcPlus eliminates error-prone dimensional math (e.g., involving feet-inch-fractions) or conversion calculations usually performed by hand or a regular calculator. It also helps you figure areas, volumes and quantities required for many commonly used building materials. Features:Dimensional Math & Conversions Works and converts in: feet-inches-fractions, decimal feet, decimal inches, inches, fractions, yards, meters, as well as square and cubic formats. Handles all Fractions-1/2's, 1/4's, 1/8's, 1/16's, 1/32's, 1/64's Work in fractions for all sorts of dimension problems.
You can even set fraction denominators to display your desired accuracy (in above fraction formats). Square-ups Easily solves right triangle problems. Finds the diagonal, so you can "square up" to make sure an area is perfectly square (e.g., for pouring concrete pads). Project Material Keys Calculate order quantities for the following building materials: Bricks and Blocks Drywall Gravel Lumber Paint Roof Shingles Studs Tiles Wallpaper Solve "Reverse" Calculations e.g., How many square feet will five gallons of paint cover? The calculator is also easy and straightforward-no confusing keys or functions. Plus, it can be used as a standard calculator for your everyday math needs. Includes:360-degree flip-over, hinged, hard case Easy-to-Read User's Guide Long-Life Battery

LiveShot is Portable, Silent, and Small. Place and Aim, Or Mount Permanently.
Catch the Intruders In Action With Photo Evidence That Includes Date, Time, and Location Stamp for Every Event. Also Sends Temperature Alarms, Text Notifications And Listen-In Feature. Cell Camera Security -
The Future is Now!

LiveShot Cellular Cameras

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Residential - Commercial
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Facilities - Vehicles

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Photos and Data
Sent by Cellular Wireless

Send up to 3
Photos, Text Message, and/or Temperature Data with each snapshot

Total Darkness
Takes photos in total darkness

MMS Data

Text Messages

Listen In Feature

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